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Simply, we use the most advanced methods and coatings. And, as owner of Surface Restoration, I personally and skillfully perform the application for every job!

Refinishing or reglazing is a genuine trade that requires training, practice, as well as expert personal craftsmanship. The most critical component to the process is the skill of the personnel involved in preparing and installing the new surface. This is no task for an inexperienced, unmotivated, minimally trained technician.

A poorly prepared surface can cause failure within months. We have seen it many times. Often we have been called in to re-do a job by another company that did not last. Don’t settle for a technician hired by the owner of a franchise.

We use the highest quality aliphatic acrylic urethane for bathroom refinishing that gives you a shiny, new surface with a porcelain-like look that is easy to maintain. Do not settle for epoxy or any coatings available to the general public.

Surface Restorers - Fran Fargen - Louisville KY

Bathtubs, sinks, ceramic tile, countertops and other surfaces are resurfaced right in-place. Bathroom remodeling and refinishing leaves your fixtures with a dazzling new look that is easy to maintain while creating the strongest bond available for a long lasting, beautiful finish with economical, environmental and effective bathroom remodeling.